April 7, 2017

How to be the best at the phone

The phone is your mouthpiece to your customers. Even in the age of advanced technology, the phone is the main way we create and build trust. Over 70% of people moving use the phone first to find a mover.

Here’s what we’ve learned talking to over 2,000 people moving:

1) SMILE while you’re on the phone: Practice this, record yourself saying a simple phrase “hello welcome to Joe’s moving company” when you are not smiling, and then record yourself again this time smiling. It makes a huge difference! Better yet, ask someone else to do it, and you’ll hear the difference even more.

2) Earn trust: Be respectful of customer time. If they have a particular move date, first to ensure you’re available. Don’t spend time if you cannot meet the customer’s move date or the client needs something you know you can’t accommodate.

3) Be Brief: Brevity is the soul of wit. You want to get to the heart of it quickly. Have you ever been on the receiving end of a long pause? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Use fewer words and speak clearly. The ideal call time with a potential customer is between 7 – 10 minutes for a local job.

4) Honesty is the best policy: if someone has a three-bedroom home, you know two movers in an hour isn’t going to cut it. By being honest, you earn the customer’s respect and set the proper expectations for the move. Even if they don’t go with you, it’s better than having a customer with unrealistic expectations you won’t be able to meet.

5) Have a designated place for answering calls: Make sure you are in a quiet environment. Answering while on a job or in the truck appears unprofessional to possible clients.

6) Set next expectations for their move: Close them on the call by creating urgency around their move date. Let them know when they’ll get an email confirming the move and anything else they need to do prior to the move date.

7) Use technology: It is critical to track, record, and input clients electronically to stay organized. With Oncue your customers are quickly sent confirmation emails with the terms, and jobs are automatically booked in your calendar.

8) Be strong on price: When giving price, if you think it’s expensive, so will they. Instead, quickly go to what’s included in the price. Sell how great your service is. Most people buy on service, not price- even if they say otherwise. Try not to offer discounts too quickly. It creates hesitancy and makes it seem your prices are inflated.

9) Close on the first call: Have an outline of what you want to get out of the call—over 62% of customers who call in book the first call they make. Make your intention on the call to get them to reserve the move date. This will cut down on follow-ups needed and ensure you’re maximizing every call.

10) Find out how they found you: You spend a lot on leads. Knowing how each potential customer finds you is key for marketing and making the most out of your advertising spend.

We hope you enjoy these tips. What are your tips for making the most out of phone leads?

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