April 18, 2023

How Moving Company Software Can Help You Improve Your Customer Service Experience

As a local, family-owned, or independent moving company, your reputation is everything. You already know how much positive customer service experience matters and is critical to a strong referral base and building loyalty.

The best moving company software can help you provide a better overall customer experience by creating efficiency, enhancing transparency, and improving customer satisfaction and retention.

From your customers’ perspective, moving is one of the most stressful events in their life, whether that’s across town or across the country. They are relying on you to respond to their questions, show up on time, handle their belongings with care, and do it all with a smile.

In an industry with more than 18,000 movers, the competition for business is fierce. Customer expectations are higher than ever before when it comes to hiring movers, and as a moving company, you want to be always ahead of your customer needs.

How can moving company software help you grow your moving company? These are just some of the many ways:

More efficiency

Streamline your business processes and watch your customer experience improve. From booking appointments to packing and loading the truck, moving company software can shave time off the length of the typical move. This means you can book more moves each day, leading to increased profits.

Moving company software also often includes GPS-tracking, allowing you to track your moving trucks in real-time, which can increase customer satisfaction and better manage delays.

Reduced costs

Moving company software can also help you cut expenses. For example, many moving companies are now paperless, allowing you to save money on printing and mailing costs.

In addition, moving company software can help you manage maintenance and repair costs, as well as fuel consumption. This information can improve your fleet’s efficiency and reduce your overall operating costs.

Better leads

Leads are key to growing your moving company. Moving software with CRM keeps you ahead of the curve by providing tools for tracking and measuring your marketing campaigns. CRM provides valuable insight to help you determine the effectiveness of your marketing, so you’re focusing on the channels generating the highest quality leads.

Moving company software will also allow you to capture leads from your website. This provides your visitors with an easy way to request a quote or schedule a consultation. These leads can then be followed up with automatically generated emails or phone calls.

In addition, your potential customers can receive accurate estimates that will consider the various factors that go into their move. This helps customers plan accordingly and prevent last-minute surprise costs.

Higher customer satisfaction

Customer demands and expectations are constantly changing. By using automation to manage your moving company business processes, you can better systemize your customer journey and address customer needs.

From their first visit to your website, to requesting a testimonial at the end of the move, moving company software can track and monitor it all. A CRM system can connect employees to customer accounts, so information is easily shared, improving team collaboration.

Moving companies can also use this technology to send out automated emails and texts to customers to keep them updated on their move, including deliveries and pick-up times. Customers also can log in to their account and track in real-time the status of their belongings. This can go a long way in decreasing customer anxiety and building trust.

Easier payment processing

Moving company software can make payment processing painless. It’s now easy to send invoices and receipts and accept payments online. This helps to minimize the administrative burden on your employees and make it easier for your customers to pay you.

More visibility

The best moving company software will help you stand out from the crowd and grow your moving company. You probably already run your moving company well. Automate your business processes to make it even better. At Oncue, we are here to show you how to improve your customer experience with moving software.

Remember, customers want to deal with your moving company as an entity. This means that even if they are talking or emailing with different team members during the moving process, they will feel at ease knowing that whoever they are communicating with knows the details of their move.     

In addition, moving company software will help your moving company develop an automated customer service process. This will allow you to be highly responsive to customer inquiries, create a complaint resolution process, and capture five-star reviews for social media. This is useful feedback to gain information about how your team is performing and identify any areas for improvement to increase customer satisfaction.

5 Ways Oncue Moving Company Software Can Help You Improve Your Customer Service Experience)

  1. Book more jobs – because your leads are directly imported into the software, you’ll be able to see what channels are converting best for you, allowing you to maximize your investments into the program that bring in more moves.
  2. Automate communications – no more forgetting to send that follow-up email! Oncue makes it easy to automate communications with existing and prospective customers about quoted jobs, move dates and more.
  3. Collect payments – you can collect deposits, final payments, and other fees right through the software.  Whether your customers choose to make payment via cash or credit card, you never have to worry about getting paid for your hard work.
  4. Showcase great reviews – with Oncue, you can showcase the great reviews your customers leave you, right on the lead form.  That tells prospective customers you are a trusted and reputable moving company; someone they want to do business with!
  5. Drive business growth – because you’ll be able to manage your entire moving company in one place, you can see at a glance what areas of the business are performing well and which ones need extra attention.  Oncue moving software makes it that easy!

Showcasing Oncue’s Impact: Case Studies Highlighting Improved Customer Experiences for Businesses

What can Oncue do for your moving company?

Miguel Lopez, a moving company owner in Bellevue, Washington, was looking to bring order to his back-end operations, deliver extraordinary customer service, and scale effortlessly.

“Oncue has helped us double our profits and book more high-dollar moves,” Miguel said. “In a very short time after implementing Oncue, our average move size went from $700 to $1500.”

Miguel is using Oncue’s moving software to systemize his business processes. With Oncue, Miguel can gain better insight, including what types of services potential customers are looking for, schedule their moves, and communicate effectively throughout the entire process.

One of Miguel’s biggest challenges was time – finding the hours to do it all. Now with Oncue, Miguel’s moving company, Miggy Mover, has increased profitability through higher-dollar transactions and more bookings – while ensuring his company’s ability to scale is no longer dependent on Miguel’s time.

Overall, Miguel received higher quality leads which led to more profitability. Oncue provided streamlined solutions to Miguel’s ongoing organizational challenges. With Oncue, Miguel also was able to increase bookings, accept more payment methods, and boost lead conversions.

Ultimately, Miguel was able to expand its fleet and purchase new employee uniforms, which brought a new level of professionalism and increased his moving company’s overall customer experience.

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