June 22, 2022

How Moving Companies Provide Exceptional Customer Service

As a moving company, you should always look to book more jobs. At Oncue, our booking team works with hundreds of moving company partners to drive growth and increase sales.

In this article, Oncue Booking Team Manager, Mike Oberle, shares his concrete strategies to improve moving company sales, based on conversations with moving companies and their customers.

Make Pricing Easy To Understand

Be clear about your fees to ensure a smooth booking process for customers. Complicated pricing may overwhelm customers or lead to an unpleasant surprise further down the line. Give your team the best chance to make a sale with a clear pricing policy that both parties understand.

Mike’s tip: “Free offers like wardrobe boxes and mattress bags can set your moving company apart from the competition.” 

Promotions don’t have to mean lower rates. Something as simple as additional free packaging can be enough to build customer trust and ensure they book their move with you.

Use Onsites For Larger Jobs

Onsites are helpful for both movers and customers – they set clear expectations for move-day. According to Mike, customers often complain that the moving company they booked didn’t send enough movers. Onsites allow you to more accurately catalog how much material needs to be moved and the time and labor it will take to do so. You also have the opportunity to communicate this to the customer to minimize the chances of receiving this complaint.

Mike’s tip: “Offer VIP service on the day of the move for large moves. For example, you may want to send a manager to oversee the job.”

This builds trust and makes customers feel they’re a priority. It also helps to quickly address issues and earn more positive reviews.

Use Customers To Build Your Brand 

Positive reviews have a huge impact on attracting new customers. Mike suggests using incentives to collect more reviews. This could be a cash incentive, partial refund, or money off their next move. Any token of appreciation for the time taken to review your company will increase the number of reviews you receive and build stronger customer relationships.

Mike’s tip: “If a customer is spending thousands of dollars on a move, why not throw in some free merchandise?”

A customer wearing your brand becomes a walking billboard and will increase the number of opportunities they have to speak about and recommend your service. Take this opportunity to get some free marketing and build relationships with your customers.

Prioritize Customer Service

Customer service should be your top priority. Make sure you’re on top of logistics calls and complaints and follow up with the customer after their move.

Mike’s tip: “Make sure customers don’t feel ignored once their move is over.”

After a job, let customers know you appreciate their business, ask them how everything went, and wish them well in their new home. Give your customers as many reasons as possible to recommend your service to others or leave a positive review.

Do you want to improve your customer service? Contact Oncue today to learn how our moving software can help you provide exceptional service to every customer.

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