January 17, 2017

Hacks for getting more calls

Many moving lead providers offer to deliver more calls. Most of the options are expensive and rarely live up to expectations. The thing is, there is no magic bullet. Do these services really work and at what cost?

Consider the following facts

80% of home services are now being booked online.
On-demand moving startups have received over $20 Million in funding.
Roughly 40% of movers do not respond to lead requests within the first 24 hours.
The average response time to an inquiry is over 4 hours.

We’re entering the on-demand economy. Uber, Amazon, and other market leaders have conditioned the consumer to expect instant service. Consumers initiating a moving request expect an immediate response and will be quick to move onto the next provider unless their communication isn’t addressed in a timely manner. So, before spending on getting more leads, take a look at your current ones. This may sound simple but you’d be surprised how many companies fail to do this.

Questions to ask about your current leads

What is your average response time? (you can measure this easily on Yelp and with a tracking system like Oncue).
What systems do you have in place for when a client gets voicemail to respond quickly?
Are you converting more than 60 % of the leads you get today? If not, why?

The truth is all of these things matter when getting new customers.

Basic Conversion Rate Equation

Let’s say you get 100 calls in a week and book 25 jobs. This means your conversion rate is 25%.
25 / 100 = 25%

If you were to get 115 calls in a week, at a 25% conversion rate that is an increase of 4 jobs, or 28. That is three more jobs.

Instead of needing more calls, if you improve your conversion rate by just 15%, you can book 40 jobs.40 / 100 = 40%

That’s 15 more jobs a month or an extra $10,000 more a month!

This is all without adding any additional costs. Stay tuned for next week’s post when we’ll cover some ways to tailor your website and social media for increasing customer inquiries.

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