July 6, 2023

Should you hire a sales team for your moving company?

As a moving company owner, it’s easy to think that hiring your own sales team would solve all your problems…

They’re homegrown, they work only for you, and they can focus on sales and booking jobs while you focus on other parts of your business.

What’s the problem, right? Well, there are four.

Here are 4 Reasons Moving Company Owners Shouldn’t Hire an In-House Sales Team:


Reason 1: In-house sales teams are expensive.

An estimated salesperson’s salary is $48k a year, not including benefits.

And most companies will spend $10-15k hiring a sales rep, only for their average tenure to be 18 months. If you start spending $10-15k every 18 months on hiring, it will add up quick.

And even if you can afford it…

Reason 2: In-house sales teams are time-consuming.

Contrary to what you’d think, having your own salesperson is time consuming. You have to hire them, train them, consult for them, and (when they leave) replace them.

The average salesperson takes 4 full weeks to onboard (160 hours) and nearly 5 months to be fully up to speed*. And guess what? Over 90 days, new hires will retain only 16 percent of all sales training they receive. That’s a lot of wasted time.

Not to mention ongoing mentoring, training, and HR concerns. It’s a lot.

Reason 3: One salesperson isn’t enough.

Your customers want to book their moves 7 days a week.

The problem is a single salesperson working 40hrs a week can’t cover your weekends or long days. Even with one in-house salesperson, you’ll still need to answer phones yourself.

Or you’ll need at least 2 sales people if you wanted to cover 8am-8pm. That’s over $100k a year in people costs alone.

Reason 4: They’re likely not moving professionals.

Quality salesmanship is hard to find.

And finding a quality salesperson with in-depth knowledge of the moving industry is even harder. Quoting and booking jobs is complex work.

The risk of misquoting jobs is a real one. One misquoted job can escalate into a bad review, a damaged reputation, or even a formal business complaint.

Whoever is talking to your customers need to know what they’re talking about.

If hiring an in-house sales team for your moving company is a bad idea, what do you do?


What you need to succeed is a team that can act like your double – a team with in-depth moving industry knowledge at a fraction of the cost of an in-house sales team.


That’s why Oncue built Oncue Booking.

Oncue Booking gives you all the power of a knowledgeable sales team 7 days a week, without the same cost to your time and budget.

All of your leads and calls get routed to a team of highly trained moving specialists, and you get your time back.

Want to learn more about Oncue Booking? Book a demo today.

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