March 21, 2022

Five Reasons You’re Losing Sales

As a moving company owner, you know quickly following up on leads is one of the most important ways to grow your business. With all the time and effort spent acquiring each lead, it can be disappointing when it doesn’t go further than that initial click or conversation. Keeping customers interested throughout the sales process is vital to converting more leads into actual sales. 

With that in mind, here are the top five reasons you may be losing leads, as well as how to stop it from happening again. 

Slow Responses

You’ve done the work to get someone to the website, email inbox, or CRM. But, their inquiry waits there for days. If you don’t respond in a timely manner, you risk losing leads to a quicker competitor. Slow response times can make customers impatient, causing them to look for another option. 

Make sure you have a process for monitoring each stream of communication. That could mean checking twice a day (once in the morning, once at night) or every hour. If you’re too busy running operations, delegate the task to an employee. Good communication will not only help your conversion rate, it will also help your reputation if that customer writes a review or refers a friend. 

No Clear Next Steps

If your website or advertisements don’t have a clear Call To Action (CTA) or next steps, customers may be confused on how to proceed and will leave your page. Make sure your landing page has clear instructions for each customer, whether it’s calling a certain number, filling out an estimate calculator, or submitting their contact information. 

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Poor Online Reputation

If customers are interested in your services but can only find poor reviews, they will probably look elsewhere. Even a small number of positive reviews will have a huge impact. For the top ways to increase your positive reviews online, check out our blog post

Poor Sales Training

If your sales script is old and robotic, or your salesperson isn’t properly trained for moving industry calls, you’re bound to lose valuable leads. 

With Oncue, our industry-trained sales team are experts at handling moving sales, ensuring your leads have the best possible customer service. Contact us today to learn how our software can grow your customer base. 

No Follow Up

While securing that initial conversation is huge, it’s even more important to ensure there’s a second conversation. Whether that means scheduling a second call right away, touching base a few days later via email, or sending out automated text reminders, make sure to reach out after the first point of contact. This shows the customer you’re invested in their business, and you’re willing to go the extra mile. 

With Oncue, our sales team will always follow up on your leads, and our easy-to-use software allows you to automate follow-up messages.

You’ve done the work to attract the leads – now make sure you can keep them! By following these tips, you can increase your conversion rate and ensure that work wasn’t for nothing.

For additional help booking more jobs, schedule a demo with one of our moving company experts to learn how Oncue can help your business grow. 

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