January 3, 2022

Day in the Life of an Oncue Sales Rep

“A day in the life is simple, we’re here to book jobs for our movers!”

Eric Mathews, Oncue Employee Onboarding and Engagement Manager

At Oncue, our industry-trained sales representatives excel at following up with leads and winning new customers for our customers. Not surprisingly, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes when it comes to making sales. If you’ve ever wondered exactly what sales representatives do, now’s your chance to learn! 

We spoke with Oncue’s Employee Onboarding & Engagement Manager Eric Mathews to find out what a day in the life of an Oncue sales rep looks like. Mathews has been with Oncue for one year, working first as a sales representative on the floor taking calls, and now as the head of sales team training. 


Starting the Day

Before a sales rep begins making and answering calls, he or she must get in the right state of mind to make sales. Or as Mathews calls it “getting in the zone”. Whether that means listening to music, meditating, or praying, each Oncue sales rep does what it takes to clear his or her head and get ready for the day. 


Getting to Work

An Oncue sales rep handles, on average, 85-100 calls per day. The most common type is what reps call “a warm lead’, meaning someone who is already looking for moving services. Using the Oncue software, the rep is able to give them a quote and explain the mover’s specific policies, so the customer knows what to expect. This helps the rest of the process move much more smoothly. 

Fielding Questions

Oncue reps are trained to answer each and every moving-related question a customer may have. From how their quote is calculated to how many movers will be needed and how long it may take, our reps help customers understand and prepare for their move, regardless of where they are or which of our movers they are booking with.

This also includes dealing with a wide variety of moves, from a three-bedroom pack-and-move to an arcade full of pinball machines. Our sales reps are very well-versed in these kinds of situations – even the stranger ones!


Prioritizing the Customer

With every customer comes a certain level of hesitation which reps must overcome.

“We do this by being as transparent as possible to gain the customer’s trust,” says Mathews. “At the end of the day, the customer has to feel comfortable with the person they are booking with.”

By answering a customer’s questions and clearly communicating the moving company’s services and policies, the rep establishes a relationship with the customer. In order to make a moving company stand out from the competition, it is up to the rep to go above and beyond. The Oncue sales team conducts their calls with that in mind.

Our Oncue sales team is trained to help your moving company grow. Contact us today at (415) 723-6683 or go to https://oncue.co/book-a-demo/

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