Oncue Cloud – Terms Of Use

Oncue CLOUD Pricing

  • Subscription: Discounted to $49.99 for first 2 months of services, then $225/month.
  • Credit Card Processing Fee: 2.85% (4% for recurring fees if using Storage functionality)
  • Agreement Term: Month-to-month with Auto-renew

Oncue CLOUD Software

  • CRM Functionality: lead automation, texting, email campaigns, 3rd party lead import, quote request
  • Business Tools: Business, marketing, and sales analytics, Oncue mobile app, review management,
    customer portal
  • Operations Tools: Scheduling, payroll, dispatch, electronic Bill of Lading, inventory tool,
    quoting/invoicing, payment collection, document storage
  • And more. Oncue regularly adds new features and functionality, which may be made available to you over time.

Oncue CLOUD Services

  • Customer support provided to Contractor
  • Dispute resolution/protection: If one of your customers disputes a move, the Credit Card company will automatically take the total cost of the move out of Oncue’s account. Oncue will handle the dispute, provide all evidence of the move, and float that payment to you until the dispute is resolved.

Subscription Fees

Prior to onboarding, you will receive a payment link, which will include a brief review of our terms and an opportunity to set up payment information. Initial payment will include the month one subscription fee (or year one annual fee if that option is selected). Subscription fees will be automatically deducted on a monthly (or annual) basis, on the same day of the month (or year) as your initial payment was made. Any changes to your plan must be confirmed via email and will take effect one month after the date of the email.

Job Payouts

When using Oncue to process credit card payments, the Credit Card company will pay you directly for any deposits/move totals you receive. In cases where dispute resolution is required, if you win the dispute, Oncue will charge a $15 fee for handling. If you lose the dispute, Oncue will charge a $15 fee for handling the dispute and the Credit Card Processor will debit the move amount from your Stripe balance.