July 20, 2021

Cultivate Relationships to Build a Strong Pipeline of Talent

Searching for the perfect hire for your company can quickly become a time consuming task. 

Hours spent narrowing down a candidate pool or conducting multiple rounds of interviews is time you’re NOT spending on driving company growth. At Oncue, we know firsthand the time cost of the hiring process. 

Our Director of Inside Sales broke down how he spends his time each week when hiring new employees:

  • 8-10 hours – reviewing resumes and profiles 
  • 5-8 hours – interviewing potential candidates
  • 3-5 hours – following up on completed interviews 
  • 5-7 hours – creating and updating training content 
  • 27 hours – training new hires in their first week
  • 2-3 hours – ongoing coaching and development

When you’re spending up to 30 hours a week on new hire admin and 33 hours a week on training, you can see how quickly your time can be consumed!

When you make the decision to hire a new employee, you want to streamline the entire process as much as possible. Using your professional network for referrals is one way to find successful candidates. By developing lasting relationships with industry peers and employees, you build a strong pipeline of talent which will help to make the entire hiring process easier.

Find out more with Oncue CEO Kate DeWald’s interview with Hire Power Radio: 

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