May 19, 2017

Book More Existing Leads and Bigger Jobs

Last week we touched on how to improve your first call close rate. While you should always go for the sale on the first call, some customers require a little more T.L.C. before making a decision.

Why are follow-ups important?

  • The bigger more profitable jobs take time.
  • Most 3+ bedroom and commercial jobs reach out when they’re just starting to plan and typically don’t book on the first phone call.
  • These customers require several touch points and more communication.

To land these jobs you have to go above and beyond to deliver the best experience.

Research shows that 80% of leads fall through the cracks due to lack of proper follow up. That means only 20% of sales opportunities are being maximized to their full potential.

Here are a few best practices we’ve found that help increase bookings on existing leads and to win more of the bigger jobs ($5,000 and up):

Timing is Key

  • Reach out 1 day after initially speaking with the customer. Use this to keep momentum and clarify any questions they have about the service.
  • Be responsive! If you get a question from them try to respond within the hour.
  • If the customer reached out late at night, chances are they won’t answer at 8am. Be conscious of what’s convenient for them and when you can actually catch them live.

Have a System and Stick to It

  • Organize scheduling to make your sales team more effective. Have a rep focused each day on closing existing leads that won’t be distracted by answering new inbound calls.
  • Use an efficient CRM (like Oncue) to track and manage all leads and follow-ups.
  • Reach out through different methods. Send an email after a follow-up call with valuable content to offer insight on their move rather than another sales pitch.


  • Make sure your sales team is spending time on the winnable deals. Don’t waste your time chasing leads that give you no hope of making a sale.
  • Qualify the lead upfront. Did they mention a Groupon deal or a truck rental? If the customer does not have the budget for a move, no matter how many follow-ups you do, it isn’t going to be a fit.

As long as you aren’t going overboard, don’t feel like you’re annoying your customers by following up. People like to feel that you want their business and appreciate the diligence.

What are your tips for follow-up? We’d love to hear from you at [email protected].

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