Moving Company Bill of Lading Template

Moving Company Bill of Lading Template

Create a custom Bill of Lading for your moving company using our blank fillable template. You’ll also receive a sample BOL to show how to complete the form.

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Understanding Moving Paperwork: What is the Bill of Lading?

Moving involves a LOT of paperwork, and while it’s arguably all important, there’s one form that you’ll want to pay close attention to: the bill of lading, or BOL. The bill of lading documents the terms of a move (including any insurance, valuation, or liability limits) and serves as a binding agreement between a moving company and the customer. Read on to learn more about the bill of lading form and download our official bill of lading template, which you can use to standardize your agreement process.

What is the Bill of Lading?

The Bill of Lading is a pair of identical documents used by moving companies to record the details of a shipment. Sometimes referred to as a shipping receipt, a BOL is:

A contract between the shipper and receiver. It outlines the terms of their agreement, including when payment will be made for the items, details re: the items included in the shipment, and what happens if something goes wrong.

A legal document proving receipt and possession of goods. BOLs are issued by a shipper (in this case, your moving company) at the time of the move, and received by the consignee (your customer).

A record of the details of a shipment and proof of ownership. For this reason, it’s crucial for both parties to:

  • carefully review the details listed and address any adjustments or discrepancies prior to signing
  • sign at the right time! Movers will sign when possession of the shipment occurs, while customers will sign once their goods arrive.
  • retain a copy of the bill of lading that’s signed by both parties.

If there are any claims made against a moving company for loss or damage to a customer’s property, both parties will need to supply copies of this important document as evidence of delivery.

The Guide to Completing Moving Company Bill Of Lading Template Online

The BOL details the contents and value of the customer’s shipment. Thus, a completed bill will list all of the items that were delivered to by a shipper to a specific destination.

Common items to include when completing a bill of lading form include:

  • The name and address of both the shipper and receiver
  • A description and quantity of each item being transported (this can be broken down into several categories, such as “household goods,” “furniture” or “boxes”)
  • Valuation charges (a fee charged by the shipper when a customer’s goods exceed the originally stated weight)
  • The date of shipment
  • The estimated value of the goods (for insurance purposes)
  • A statement that the cargo has been received or inspected by the carrier
  • Signatures of the shipper and consignee

Keep in mind that while moving companies will sign a bill of lading once possession of a shipment occurs, a consignee (your customer!) should not sign until after the shipment has arrived at its destination.

Instructions and Help about the Moving Company Bill of Lading Template Form

The bill of lading must include all details regarding contents, weight, etc, so be sure to carefully review these points before completion and signing by both parties:

1. Download the Oncue’s free moving bill of lading template from the PDF below and print it out.

2. Fill in the information requested on the document, including:

  • business name and address
  • destination address
  • customer name
  • contact information for both parties to the transaction
  • volume and weight of items being shipped (in pounds or kilograms)
  • copies of all relevant documents related to the shipment

3. A completed bill of lading must be signed by both parties to the shipment.

Remember, the BOL serves as evidence of your agreement with the customer. If anything changes – such as an increase in the number of items shipped, or the addition of new household goods, bill of lading forms must be updated to avoid the risk of fraud or misrepresentation.

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Create a custom Bill of Lading for your moving company using our blank fillable template. Download your FREE moving company bill of lading template today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving Company Bill of Lading

A bill of lading is a document issued by a carrier to the owner of goods that are being transported. It serves as proof of ownership and receipt for goods being shipped. The bill of lading should be given to you before your items are loaded onto the truck so that you can keep it until they reach their final destination.

A bill of lading is important because it provides proof that you own the things being shipped, which helps ensure that they arrive in good condition at their destination. You’ll also need one if something goes wrong during shipping and a customer makes a legal claim against your moving company.

All moving companies should provide a bill of lading to protect both parties in the event of property damage or unforeseen circumstances. The BOL is a contract between a mover and a customer and should be signed by both parties and kept on file in case of questions or legal action!


Moving can be a stressful time for customers. As a moving business owner, you can help ensure an exceptional customer experience by providing standardized documents, including a bill of lading, that lay out the terms of the agreement between a moving company and its customer. A bill of lading helps ensure that both parties involved in the move know exactly what was shipped from where and arrives safely at its destination. It also prevents any disputes between buyer and seller because they both have a copy of this document showing exactly what was shipped.

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