November 3, 2017

Benefits of Using the Oncue Software

Because life is hard enough. We’re here to make it easy. 

I was super excited last week to have the opportunity to properly introduce Oncue and briefly what we do. Now that we’ve been formerly acquainted, this week is all about the moving industry software that’s changing the game!

Maybe you’re still using paper and your phone to run your business, or working with a CRM that hasn’t made any updates in years that your sales reps despise using. To truly take your moving company to the next level:

Are you utilizing technology to it’s full potential?

Lets dig into why you need to.

Our Story:
When Oncue was first created, we simply provided phone services to owner-operators of moving companies struggling to get to every call themselves. Having experience with multiple CRM’s throughout that time, we quickly realized the hassle and extra work caused by using complicated systems. We realized that our movers were losing thousands of dollars of productivity EVERY MONTH! So, we got to work on a solution to increase productivity for each mover. We saw the dire need for a program that focuses on what you need to successfully run your business (specifically as a moving company owner). Keeping it user friendly with key features that are most important to you and your company is our top priority.

Since initial development of Oncue, we’re excited to have recently added new features! As we strive for greatness in the industry, we are continuing to roll out new features as we (and you) see fit.

Let’s start with the instant quote form:Your Instant Quote

Having this form on your website means you will capture more leads than your competitor. As mentioned last week, with the massiveness of the internet, people are looking for an instant response. Since all customer information and move details come directly to Oncue, follow up time from our sales team is reduced to 5 minutes and close time is much faster!

Want to check it out on an actual moving company webpage?
Go to:
Click: Free Quote
Boom! It’s that easy.

Did we mention that you and anyone in your office (that you authorize) has full accessibility into the software and all leads/booked moves as well? We can easily track who books each job and all booked moves go directly to your calendar, eliminating your need and extra cost for a second system. Having one platform that’s easy to use makes it simple for us to work together and quickly start increasing revenue for your business.

Here’s a sneak peak of the Oncue App dashboard and it’s capabilities:

Want to go completely paperless with the ability to control customer payments and receipts to better manage your money all in one place? How about keeping track of your moving crews throughout the day to reduce time spent on logistics calls? Yep, we’re making that possible too!

The best is yet to come!

Don’t be shy! Let us know what you think. We highly encourage feedback from our customers regarding product improvements to ensure we have all the features that are important to you!

We want to hear from you!

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