April 9, 2023

Behind The Scenes with Oncue Booking: Our 3-Part Series

Matt Cluney recently interviewed the team behind Oncue Booking, our 7-day-a-week booking service that answers calls, follows up on leads and books moves for hundreds of Oncue customers.  We invite you to check out the series below!

A Quick Recap

During the first part of the webinar series, Eric Mathews, Oncue’s Employee Onboarding & Engagement Manager, shared with the audience what he saw as his three tips for hiring and training the best staff:

  1. Don’t be afraid to be selective in the process. You are trusting this person to essentially be the face of your company and you want whoever is representing you to be the best in class. It’s your reputation on the line. 
  2. Build your training materials. Remember, repetition breeds success. You want to always be updating and adapting these materials, but having a standard knowledge base for all your reps is critical.
  3. Keep on coaching. There is way more to hiring and training than recruitment. You want to make sure that you continue to guide and support your sales person to make sure you are getting the most production you can out of your team. Keep coaching them on how they can get better. Go over calls that didn’t close and ask how they could improve.

Next, we sat down with Dawn Dixon, Oncue’s Workforce and Support Manager, who shared with the audience what she saw as her top three pointers for maximizing call quality:

  1. Listen back to calls. It’s really hard to keep quality high if you don’t take some time to regularly listen back to your customer calls.
  2. Create a “perfect” call template:  If you want to make sure all of your calls are high-quality and consistent, it’s worth coming up with a call template that your team members can follow so that they make sure they’re covering all the bases every single time. 
  3. Keep coaching: The only way to get better is to keep coaching your team members. That’s why we give a ton of time to coaching our booking specialists here at Oncue. 

Lastly, we met up with Matt Witzke and Mike Oberle, the head of Oncue’s booking platform and team manager, respectively.  Matt & Mike have 40+ years combined experience in sales and support.  Matt and Mike shared a TON of great information on how movers can convert more of their leads to booked jobs, and their recommendations came down to three areas:

  1. Hire the right people. You must understand the hiring landscape, talent and experience needed to ensure exceptional sales metrics and don’t be afraid to be selective.
  2. Look at your call data. Understanding your inbound and outbound call volume on a daily and weekly basis will help you staff correctly so you can limit missed calls and opportunities. 
  3. Have a plan for ongoing and consistent coaching. You will want to use metrics like their booking conversion %, average time on a call, and % to quota so you can discuss how your team is performing against the key metrics.

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