Agent Oncue FAQ

Has this been tested before? 

Yes! This has been tested with several use cases and workflows using the experience of our own agents to model out specific use cases and edge cases and scenarios. 

In what scenario would calls be directed to Agent Oncue? 

Once enabled, Agent Oncue will collect basic move and contact information for each inbound call coming in to your sales line. Customers choosing to book online through the Web Booking Form or those looking for logistics help will not be connected to Agent Oncue.

What happens if the customer wants to opt out of the Agent Oncue workflow? 

Any customer can ask for a representative or to speak to a human at any point and Agent Oncue will quickly divert them to an Oncue Booking representative

How much does this cost?

Agent Oncue is free of charge for Oncue Booking customers.

What if I want to turn it off? 

Turning off Agent Oncue is easy – just contact your CSM and they can switch off the Agent within 1 business day

Can I turn it on for select times during the day? 

Not at this time, however with your feedback we plan to continue tweaking and improving Agent Oncue so it can handle after hours calls as well as more specific call windows.

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