August 26, 2021

4 Hiring Tips for Your Moving Company

Hiring the right employee can be tricky, and it’s a common challenge that almost every small business owner will eventually face.
We asked our friends over at to give us their 4 top tips for hiring for your moving company.

The right employees can take your moving company to heights (and roads!) you never imagined. Hiring the right employees for your business can open up a range of possibilities for you. You’ll be able to:

  • grow your top line revenue
  • take your company to the next level
  • build a bigger team
  • enjoy more camaraderie

In the past, it has never been “easy” to hire and it certainly is no walk in the park in today’s environment. It’s no surprise that the talent pool for laborious work appears to be smaller than ever. You may have to use some creativity to attract talent to your job listing(s).

Here are 4 tips you can use to find employees that can support you and help your moving company reach its full potential:

Be Honest And Put The Ego Aside

Be honest about what the position has to offer. As much as you don’t want to waste your time throughout the hiring process, you also do not want to waste the candidates’ time.

Treat your job description with the level of honesty and integrity that you treat the work you do for your customers.

We often see operators so focused on the revenue-generating areas of their business that they can completely disregard all other areas. Your employees are the backbone of your business. Without them, there will be no revenue-generating! 

Honesty in your job listing is key to bringing on strong talent.

Give candidates a view into what a day in the life of *said position* is like. Maybe even consider including a video of you or someone on the team doing an introduction of themselves, the company, what the work is like, how much they enjoy the job, etc.

Put your face out there and be transparent. You don’t have time to waste, but neither do your candidates.

Hire For Tomorrow

You must think bigger picture than your needs right now. Yes, you may have hiring needs at this very moment, but you don’t want to scramble and just hire anybody. You want to hire a person who will be with you in 6 months, 1 year, and longer down the road. 

Remember that you’re seeking quality employees. Your employees are dealing with customers’ belongings and  their prized possessions, so it’s important not to think short term.

The time, money and other resources it costs you to hire (interview, onboarding, etc) are far too great to treat hiring like it isn’t important. Hire for tomorrow!

Promote Your Brand’s Personality

In similar fashion to how you brand your company for potential customers to find you and seek you out, you should be branding your company for potential employees who want to work for you. 

It’s important to craft job descriptions that highlight your company’s personality. Here’s a list of questions that may be worth answering within your job description: 

  • What’s it like to work for your moving company?
  • What does your vacation/time-off policy look like? 
  • Do you offer a bonus or commission plan?

This goes back to our point above about including a recorded video of yourself or someone on the team. It’s truly worth considering (proactively) answering some frequently asked questions in a recorded video. I bet not many (if any) of your competitors are including a video of themselves/the team in their job listings. 

Think About The Culture You Want To Cultivate

Every employee at a small business has a huge impact on the company culture. One person’s character traits can cause ripples across the entire organization. Prioritize positive qualities in the candidates that you are speaking with.

It’s important not to forget that your employees are representing your brand. Seek employees who will embrace and help craft the culture of your company.

Your “employer brand” is just as important, if not more important than your brand that your customers see. Showcase your values to candidates so they can better understand who and what your company stands for. 

Consider including links to your Instagram and other social media (that are full of company photos) for candidates to look through. 

Make Your Job Posting Stand Out

It’s easy to post open positions on LinkedIn or Indeed, but your listing may get lost in the ocean of job listings that also live on those sites. It’s really not so easy for a small business to stand out on popular job sites and that’s where niche job sites can come into play.

If you’d like to try posting your next moving company role on a job board such as, you can check out their website here. 

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