December 29, 2017

2017 Year in Review: Oncue’s Top 10 Milestones

2017 was an amazing year for Oncue! As it quickly comes to an end, we can hardly wait for what the new year will bring! We are excited to present you with our eventful year in review.

HUGE shoutout to the Oncue team and our partners for making this such a great year! We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you!

We thought we’d use the LAST tip of the year to share what we’ve been working on.

Started from the bottom now we’re here

1. Created and launched the best software program ever!
When we started out in the industry we saw a huge void. The software was hard to use, often required a ton of training and didn’t take advantage of new technologies. We went from answering phones to providing a revolutionary product specifically designed for independently owned moving companies. Our software product has been developed by our incredible team of US Based engineers and this is just the start!

2. Showed our customers the way of the future
Not only did we create and launch our product, we showed all the old dogs new tricks! Our team members shared our best practices for improving booking rates, created beautifully & simply designed email templates & launched SMS capabilities.   Our goal is to deliver a 10 star experience for everyone we come in contact with and can’t wait to share more about this with you in the new year.

3. Attended Moving Sales Academy Live
We sent our top sales leaders to Phoenix to learn best practices from Louis Massaro and share their knowledge with the rest of the team. We learned a great deal we’ve implemented into our process and product.


4. Going Nationwide!
Oncue started working with local movers near HQ (who we appreciate and love). Now we’re movin’ on up (pun intended) with partners across the entire US and coming soon to Canada!

5. Handled 83,957 calls
Say whaaat? Yes, that is 83,957! HUGE props to our kick-ass sales team for holding down the fort. None of this is possible without you ladies and gents!

6. Partnered with the TX DMV and attended their New Mover Conference
This was HUGE for us as we’re now legally able to operate with our bill of lading feature in the state of Texas! The New Mover Conference held by the DMV was huge as well! We met movers all across the state who we’re proud to now call our partners.


7. Grew & Updated our team & systems
We expanded our team to keep up with our growing group of movers. We added across all departments recruiting team members with domain expertise and engineering, sales and customer service experts from well known brands. We implemented a world class call center system and metrics tracking to ensure we continue to surpass the numbers and give our movers access to key metrics for the business.

8. Made our partners MORE money!
We helped the average mover bring in an additional $177,713 in revenue! Yes, that’s over $177K per mover…WOW! Team work does make the dream work after all!

9. Our customers purchased more trucks
Several of our partners had the ability to purchase additional trucks because of all the extra jobs they were getting. 27+ new trucks across the board to be exact!

10. Had our first company offsite
We held our first company offsite as a team! Our team leaders got together and enjoyed each other’s company over dinner, drinks, hot tubs, and did I say drinks? We also figured out how to signal rescuers in the event of an avalanche at Mountain Escape Rooms! We even met a potential partner who happened to be moving a customer in the area and visited some of our clients.

Oh, and we developed a superior plan for 2018! The best is yet to come!



p.s. I forgot to mention #11 – we created our weekly tip designed specifically for movers and tripled our subscribers! Woohoo! Keep ’em coming! Thanks so much for reading! 

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