April 27, 2022

13 Amazing Moving Company Stats from Q1 2022

Thanks to the hard work of our teams, Oncue and our moving partners experienced our most successful quarter yet! Here’s a closer look at the amazing numbers gathered from the first three months of 2022. 

108% Increase In Moving Company Revenue

That’s right! Our booking team and mover partners have been working hard to provide a quality service to customers across the US. In fact, the number of jobs booked with Oncue increased by 90% vs. Q1 2021. This resulted in a 108% increase in revenue for our movers.

Over 240,000 Messages Sent Through Oncue

In the last three months, movers used Oncue’s platform to send out 127,177 emails and 117,254 texts to customers. From lead follow-up to payment reminders, Oncue empowers our partners to ensure a seamless communication experience from start to finish. 

Best Moving Company Lead Sources In 2022

The three sources that generated the highest number of overall leads for Oncue moving companies in Q1 2022 were: 

  1. Quoterunner 
  2. Thumbtack 
  3. Google search 

In terms of quality, the three lead sources with the highest conversion rates were: 

  1. Repeat customers (63%)
  2. Referrals (50%)
  3. Yelp (42%)

To read more about why referral websites and reviews are such essential lead sources, check out our blog on 7 Reasons Why Customer Reviews Are Crucial For Your Moving Company

Repeat customers and referrals weren’t only good for booking jobs – they also brought in the highest total revenue. In Q1 of 2022, repeat customers brought in a whopping $1,526,504, while referrals accounted for $1,089,188. 

With Q2 off to a great start, we’re looking forward to reporting even bigger numbers in June. Contact us today to learn how your moving company can achieve similar growth.

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